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Regulations and safety

  • Lifting is strictly lilmited to equipment capacity and must be prearranged. Dry berths according to availability only.
  • Lifting and manoeuvering operations include the equipment and operating personnel. Slings and chocks are the responsibility of the owner.
  • ber is not included in the work, - only according to availability.
  • The boat's placement must be left in good tidy order after work is complete. A supplement will be applied if cleaning is necessary and carried out by port services (minimum 1 hour charged).


Before going to sea, check…

  • All equipment: make sure all material is in good condition and adapted to the nautical activity in hand. Always leave with a full tank of fuel and a life jacket for each person aboard. .
  • Currents: get all available information on currents in the area you are sailing and be sure of the risks they may cause.
  • Lifeguard post. An information panel is posted with all important information at all lifeguard stations as well as at the port office.
  • Your expertise: learn the key elements of practice of your activity with qualified instructors. Check your level of competence regularly
  • Always check the local and maritime weather reports before going to sea, where bad weather can arrive very quickly. The website Météo France (lien vers le site Météo France) has all this information, or telephone 32 50 (0.34€ per minute). Inform someone on land that you are leaving. Tell them where you are sailing and what time you expect to return.


During your activity always respect

  • Navigation rules, so that all users of the seaways can live in mutual respect and ensure safety.
  • Your environment: the sea is a natural space that we share together, please protect and respect it. Do not throw refuse overboard. Complementary and practical information can be consulted on the website

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