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Clos de la Lombarde

A major archeological site

The Clos de la Lombarde archaeological dig has been in progress since 1973, led by the Groupe de Recherches Archéologiques du Narbonnais (G.R.A.N. - Narbonne Archaeological Research Group), first under the direction of d’Yves Solier and afterwards, since 1980, under Raymond and Maryse Sabrié. Maryse  has spent 35 years unravelling the sequence of constructions, collecting and restoring painted plasterwork  and pavings, all to reconstruct Narbo Martius at the height of its splendour. The site, which was occupied throughout the Roman period from the end of the Republic (30 BC) to the fifth century, opens a window onto  the life of a major provincial Roman town.

Narrated guided tours of the archaeological site all year round. Group visits by prior arrangement.  Tours according to a fixed timetable during school holidays.




Christophe CABRIER
Tel 00 33(0)4 68 90 30 66
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