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Wine tourism

From whichever direction you arrive in Narbonne, you have to travel through fields and fields of grapevines. The Massifs of la Clape and Fontfroide and the mountains of the Corbières bear on their slopes the most diverse and extraordinary growing areas.

The vine: A 2500 year love story

Vines have grown in the Narbonne region since even before the Romans settled here. The vineyards give the rhythm of life to the life of the inhabitants, fashioning their identity and the cultural richness of the region and the town, the countryside, the customs and traditions. Pliny and Cicero wrote about the wine in Roman times and right up to the best crus of today, Narbonne's wines have always been part of a rollercoaster history marking the culture with an uncommon force.

Tourism and produce come together to offer the visitor a historical voyage of discovery.

Narbonne, meeting point of several Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée wines

The town is surprisingly in two A.O.C areas simultaneously! Crossing the A.O.C ’’La Clape’’ and ‘‘Quatourze’’ zones as well as the l’A.O.C. Corbières, the intimate relationship between Narbonne and fine wine is revealed.

The know-how and dynamism of the Narbonne wine-making industry  are highlighted and recognised thanks to the AOC designations which make our town so attractive to wine lovers. The superb Castles and Domains at the foundation of this tradition are the most striking examples of the impact of the wine trade. Most of the chateaux are located in the heart of rolling vineyards, overlooked by the heights of the magnificent massifs, looking as if from another time and another life, imbuing their charm into the visitor's heart !

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