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La Nautique

Antique port of Narbonne, La Nautique is situated in the Bages-Sigean lagoon system, south west of Narbonne.

The river port of Roman Narbo Martius

Port-La-Nautique is built on the site of Narbonne's ancient port. It was already in use when the Celts lived here and saw its heyday during the Roman settlement of Narbo Martius.

With the  largest port in GaulNarbo Martius traded with the entire mediterranean including the famous port of Ostia, where the Navi narbonensis mosaic can still be seen, showing just how important our ancient city was.

The archaeological dig

In the Anse des Galères, regular underwater archaeological excavations have revealed amphoras and equipment including an impressively large anchor made of wood and lead (exhibited at the Archaeological Museum in Narbonne). More recently, wooden piles that supported the antique port, remains of warehouses and the surface of a road leading towards Narbonne have been discovered.

Cradle of French wine making - a protected area

Port-La-Nautique is also an extension of the plateau of the Quatourze, a unique terrain between the land and the lagoons. With la Clape, it is one of teh oldest contiunuously cultivated wine growing regions in France. Vines have been grown here at least since the founding of  Narbonne in 118 BC

Local producers are proud to present the AOC wine Languedoc Quatourze.

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