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Narbonne and Rome

Narbo Martius, capital of the Narbonnaise region and the second Roman port after Ostia, was one of the foremost cities of antiquity. Her merchants sailed the entire mediterranean spreading her reputation around the Empire. The finery of the town's monuments has long disappeared, being torn down and used to build ramparts in defence against the first barbarian invasions after the fall of the empire.

Nevertheless a large number of relics remain to us: the subterranean galleries of the Horreum, mosaics, the frescoes discovered at the Clos de la Lombarde site (the best collection outside Italy), sarcophaguses and statues, conserved at the museum of archaeology, the remains of the via Domitia right in the middle of the town square. Visiting Roman Narbonne is to dive into the splendour of Narbo Martius.


Other visits are possible: Discover the archaeological site of the Clos de la Lombarde, the collections of the precious stones museum - the second largest in Europe, enhanced by audiovisual displays. A real voyage back in time through the history of art.



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